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Monochloroacetic acid,industrially also known as Chloroacetic acid (MCA or MCAA) is a white or pale yellow crystals carboxylic acid with irritant smell mainly used in manufacturing a variety of products including carboxymethyl cellulose,herbicides,pharmaceuticals,dyes,cosmetics,plastic stabilizers,anesthetics,tranquilizers and amphoteric surfactants as one of the fine chemical intermediates.

Chemical Name: Monochloroacetic Acid
Chemical Synonyms:,Chloroacetic Acid,MCA,MCAA,
Chloroethanoic Acid,Monochloroacetic Acid
Chemical Family:halocarboxylic acid
Structural Formula:ClCH2COOH
Grades Available: Monochloroacetic acid 97.5%,Monochloroacetic acid 98%,Chloroacetic acid 98%,Chloroacetic acid 97.5%,Monochloroacetic Acid 98.5%,Chloroacetic Acid 98.5%
CAS NO.: 79-11-8
Industrial Standard: HG/T3271-2000

Specifications of the Monochloroacetic acid

Items                                                            Specifications
          Superior grade             First grade               Qualified grade
Appearance                           Colorless or slightly yellow crystalline or flake
Chloroacetic Acid content %              99.0 min               98.0 min                97.5 min  
Dichloroacetic Acid content %              0.50 max              1.0 max               1.5 max
Acetic Acid content %               0.50 max              0.50 max                
Crystallization oC               60 min              60 min               60 min

Package: Chloroacetic acid is available both in 25 kg or 50 kg Plastic PE film-lined and PP woven bag.