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History of Monochloroacetic Acid
It is said Monochloroacetic acid,industrially also known as Chloroacetic Acid,was first prepared in impure form by the French chemist Félix LeBlanc in 1843 by chlorinating acetic acid in the presence of sunlight.

It is very interesting that monochloroacetic Acid was found by accident and no one thought it would play such an important role as a basic chemicals materials in our daily life in the near future.

And in 1857 Monochloroacetic Acid was got in pure form by the German chemist Reinhold Hoffmann by refluxing glacial acetic acid in the presence of chlorine and sunlight.

And then by the French chemist Charles Adolphe Wurtz by hydrolysis of chloroacetyl chloride (ClCH2COCl).